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Oracle Card Readings​

Oracle Card Readings

Oracle cards are decks of cards that contain images and messages of self-reflection, self-care and advice. Each deck is unique and focus on a certain spiritual source of information like the essence of essential oils, crystals, angels, numerology, animals… the options are endless and beautiful. 


During your Oracle Card Reading session, I will choose a particular Oracle Card deck that is resonating with you at the time of the reading. I may also ask you to choose your preferred deck. I will ask you to share what you are seeking guidance for. Oracle Cards are not suited to answer “Yes” or “No” questions. Instead, asking something like “What guidance do I need to make a decision about…” work better.


From there, I will use my intuition and spiritual connection to source energy to pull cards from the deck in a certain order to provide guidance and opportunities for self-reflection. 

Note: Oracle Card Readings are meant for entertainment only. They are not diagnostic or attempts at fortune-telling. Those receiving an Oracle Card Reading should be in a healthy mental and emotional state and are fully responsible for their actions after the Reading. Neither Patrice Freeland nor Wonderful Land of Oils, LLC are responsible for any perceived negative mental or physical effects to the client or actions taken by the client after the Reading.

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