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ITOVi DNA Analysis​

ITOVi DNA Analysis

Each person’s body is different and unique. Knowing how YOUR body responds to specific essential oils and nutritional supplements allows us to create a long-term Wellness Plan that is optimized for YOU. 

Your body has specific genes that determine how you metabolize nutrition, react to certain types of exercise, your skin sensitivity, and other aspects of your overall wellness. The iTOVi DNA analysis reviews your DNA’s genetic markers to determine the essential oils and nutritional supplements that best match your DNA. 

To do this, we take a sample of your DNA and send it to the iTOVi processing center. A Single Nucleotide Polymorphism (SNP) array is used to determine your specific genetic profile. From there, a report is generated that lists which wellness advantages and challenges that may occur as a result of your genetic make-up. Your report also provides a list of essential oils, nutritional supplements and daily routines that are best fit to YOUR genetic makeup.

Your iTOVi DNA session is divided into 2 appointments – DNA Sampling and Report Analysis. 

  • DNA Sampling – This session takes about 30 minutes. We will review your wellness goals and challenges. A DNA sample will be taken and shipped to the iTOVi DNA lab. Full payment is expected at this time.
  • Report Analysis – Your iTOVi DNA report is returned 4-6 weeks after your DNA sample is submitted. Once the report is complete, we will neet for another 30 minutes to review the results and determine a Wellness Plan in accordance to the report results. This appointment can be done in person or over Zoom. You will be provided a copy of your report through email. 


How does the iTOVi DNA report work with the iTOVi Scan?

Your DNA is part of your body and does not change. So, no matter how you’re feeling, what is going on in your life at that time, what you’ve eaten, etc., your DNA is still the same. As a result, The iTOVi DNA recommendations are great for determining a long-term Wellness Plan that will serve your body and emotions day in and day out.


The iTOVi Scan gives feedback based on those external factors that change from day to day – your current nutrition intake, stress, exposure to pathogens, etc. The iTOVi Scan’s recommendations are suited to provide the support your body responds best to in those acute daily conditions and can be added to the daily recommendations of the iTOVi DNA report.


ITOVi DNA Analysis - Session 1

ITOVi DNA Analysis - Session 2

Note: The iTOVi DNA report is not diagnostic and the information shared through the iTOVi DNA report or the recommendations given by Patrice Freeland or Wonderful Land of Oils, LLC are not intended to be used as a medical diagnosis, treatment or cure. Any actions taken as a result of the Report or following conversation are taken at the recipient’s own will without any liability to Patrice Freeland or Wonderful Land of Oils, LLC.