Most frequently asked questions and answers

Let’s start with a free consultation. We’ll discuss your challenges and wellness goals. From there, I will make a recommendation and we can decide next steps.

Not all essential oils are the same. That is why it is so important to only use essential oils with ethical and traceable sourcing and thorough testing. doTERRA’s essential oils are Certified Pure Tested Grade and safe for you, your family and your pets when used properly.

Did you know that doTERRA has a Veterinary Advisory Council? Due to the purity of doTERRA’s essential oils, they are generally safe for use around pets except for a small group of oils that you need to use with caution. Make sure that your pet can leave the room if you are diffusing. If you need more details on using essential oils around your pets or using essential oils therapeutically for your pets, schedule a consultation or attend an upcoming Essential Oils for Pets class.  

Yes, and the amount of research is growing. A favorite site to explore is pubmed.gov. 

There are many types of energy healing. Everything in the world is made up of atoms that move around. Energy healing helps channel and move the energy in your body and the world around you to promote well-being. Schedule a consultation to learn more.

Wonderful Land of Oils, LLC serves clients worldwide. Consultations, Wellness Planning, Product Sales and Essential Oil Classes can be conducted online over Zoom or Google Meet. Hands-on therapies are conducted out of GLOW Healing Arts in Salem, VA. If you would like an in-person session or class with Patrice outside of Virginia, USA, please schedule a Consultation to discuss options and pricing.