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Access Bars®

Access Bars®

Do you have recurring thoughts that are not serving your best interest? Would you like to break a habit or create a new one? Do you want to see the world around you in a different way? If so, then an Access Bars® session is for you.


Access Bars® is a hands-on technique that relaxes the mind, removes blocking thought patterns and refreshes your perception. It’s like “rebooting” your brain. 


During your session, you will remain clothed and lie on your back on a massage table or in a relaxation chair. I will touch 32 different points on the head in a series of different patterns. You may wear your hair in any fashion, but you will need to remove any metal hair clips. You may schedule a 30-minute or 60-minute session. 

Note: Access Bars® is not intended to be a diagnosis, treatment or cure and is not a substitution for seeking professional medical advice. As with any energy healing, specific results are not guaranteed.