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About Wonderful Land of Oils

Wonderful Land of Oils, LLC focuses on empowering you with safe, effective and affordable natural remedies and energy therapies to bring you to physical, emotional and spiritual balance and joy. No matter where you are on your Wellness Journey, there is a place for you here. 


Are you looking for…

  • Natural and effective cleaners, bath and spa items, skin care and aromas for your home that do the job in a non-toxic way and keep your family healthy?
  • A natural medicine-cabinet-makeover with safe and effective options for treating acute challenges that pop up for you, your kids and/or your pets?
  • Pro-active ways to maintain and improve your health?
  • Solutions to complex or chronic physical and emotional challenges?
  • Ways to let go of past emotional trauma, hurt or negative thought patterns?


Wonderful Land of Oils, LLC is the right place for you. You will be treated with kindness, respect and care as we explore your current challenges and goals. While you are the owner of your own health, you will be given the education, products, therapies and support you need to help achieve the balance you desire.


Patrice uses all of the products and therapies that she shares with her clients on a regular basis for all of the above and is a testament to how they work. Check out her story below.


About Patrice

Patrice Freeland is a Certified Essential Oil Specialist and Energy Healing Practitioner with over 15 years of natural wellness experience. Patrice has always had a passion for biology and healing. As a high school student, she performed a 2-year internship at Hollins College (now Hollins University) studying hormones in the sphinx moth. From there, she began her college experience at the University of Chicago in hopes to work in the Amazon to find natural remedies for major illness and explore animal behavior of the lemurs in Madagascar. And, now, she is doing her soul’s work by providing solutions to others to take charge of their health and wellness in the way that she has in her own life. Check out her story below.


Patrice's Story


Patrice was always a sick kid, struggling with chronic sinus infections, stomach aches and anxiety. This grew into allergies and asthma in her teen years. By her early-twenties and after several rounds of antibiotics, her health spiraled downhill. Multiple chemical sensitivity, a swollen throat, chronic inflammation, severe acute pain, stomach cramps, insomnia, reflux… the list of issues was long. Doctors had a hard time figuring out the issue, so she started looking for answers in the natural health community.


This began a 10-year journey of health exploration to find answers. Patrice dove into a wide variety of natural and energy-healing modalities. She studied nutrition, herbalism, homeopathy and energetics. She also worked through past traumas and emotions that were adding to her illness. While she figured out what was happening inside her body, it wasn’t until she found doTERRA that she found the right mix of supplements, essential oils, energy healing and other complimentary therapies that she got her health back. 


Now, Patrice is here to help you on your health and wellness journey. Her knowledge of the human body, the effects of emotions on health, natural remedies and energetics provides a unique level of service that is approachable, easy and effective. Schedule your consultation today to see how Patrice can help you. 





Corporate Background

Mission Statement

When you are free from the distractions of physical or emotional challenges, you are able to live as your authentic self and focus on what you love. At Wonderful Land of Oils, my mission is to listen and understand you as the beautiful individual that you are and empower you with the education, tools and treatments that will enable you to take charge of your physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.